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Card 1 Council Of Light

Divine orchestration. Helpers in the subtle realms.

The Council of Light is a team of benevolent beings who are here to assist the raising of consciousness of the planet. They are here to help you achieve your soul mission and are guiding you every step of the way. However, because we live in a world where freewill reigns, they cannot help you without your permission. If you would like their assistance its time to ask them. They can help with all kinds of requests – nothing is too big or too small. Think of them as your personal team of helpers in the spirit realm. They are willing and ready to step in and get to work; what would you like help with? What tasks would you like to delegate to them?

The Council of Light is a team of ascended masters, light beings, angels and guides devoted to raising the vibration of humanity. If you are a lightworker it is from them that you receive your personal mission. Like a spirit world United Nations, they want to thank you so much for doing this work and devoting your life to uplifting the planet.

Pray to them for clarity and guidance regarding your personal mission. Put in your requests and let them go to work.

Work Your Light Activation

Hand on your heart and say:

“Council of Light, I am ready to receive your help for fulfilling my personal Dharmic mission. Thank you for guiding me with clarity every step of the way and for sending me helpers and experiences that delight my mind, body and soul.”

You have a team of loving beings ready to assist you on your path. Just ask for their help, they are literally waiting to intervene. Ask and you shall receive their love and guidance. Choose to work with those who resonate with you for higher guidance. You wont make a mistake if your intentions are pure. Love Alyssia

Card 2 Transformation

Things are changing at a cellular level. Deep healing.

Things are changing at a cellular level. You are not who you were a year ago or who you will soon be. You are between, emerging, half risen, half falling. Keep doing the work, you are transforming.

You will look back at this time in awe. So much is happening in your inner world and within your cells. Its time to release old ways of being that have kept you in fight-flight-freeze mode. To choose a new way of being, where the trauma is not the driving force.

Old childhood patterns are rising up to be healed. As you allow yourself to observe them and feel them without attachment, they loosen their grip and fall away. You are being called to find new ways to self sooth.

Saturn and the Black Madonna and the African goddess Oshun influence this card. Saturn represents destruction and transformation; the Black Madonna represents the underground and all that has been cast aside; and Oshun represents the tender love of the Original Mother. A rethreading is happening. Healing at the deepest levels. While you are in this phase don’t put yourself under pressure to perform. You may need to review your relationships with your body, perhaps even diet or exercise regime, or getting energetic healing support. You may also need to consider some kind of emotional support, as issues from your childhood may come up to be healed. You are deeply loved.

Work Your Light Activation

Hand on your heart and say:

“I allow myself to receive the deepest healing and transformation for change to happen at a cellular level.”

Healing doesn’t happen overnight, there are many aspects of ourselves to heal and allow the light through. If your feeling cloudy, tired beyond belief, achy, or things are simply not flowing and life feels like it has come to a standstill you may be clearing. You need to TRUST in the Divine purpose to this as you are simply transforming so you can lead from a lighter spiritual self. TRUST all that arises and falls away its for your higher purpose. Speak your truth, redefine your boundaries and love yourself deeply for all that you have endured, its for a higher purpose on this planet, Thank you. XXX Love Alyssia

Card 3 The Pile

I love this message, as much as I love all of you that have incarnated on this mission.

You are currently breaking thousands of years of conditioning, in which you choose to incarnate and complete this mission. Your inner beauty becomes you. TRUST in your Divine purpose, Divine timing and know your inner thoughts and knowingness have come from many lifetimes of leading! Your doing amazing, keep going we need you.

Think about the patterns and family conditionings that you would like to put an end to. Keeping in mind that we can not heal another person, but your own healing can cause another person to choose to heal.

You are a unique masterpiece, your lineage is that of beauty, devotion, mystic and devoted to serving humanity and seeding light consciousness all over the Earth. There is no mistake that you are here at this time of great change. Sometimes you need to get out of your own way and TRUST in this.

You are being called to spend more time in nature and take a little more notice of the beauty that exists all around you and continue to contribute your own beauty to the wold in your own way. Love Alyssia

This reading was channelled with love from “Work Your Light Oracle Cards” By Rebecca Campbell, I hope you have embraced these messages that are meant for you. For your own personal readings please see my list of service at

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