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“Mummy, I like being part of this family.” The words my 6 year old daughter exclaimed as she excitedly carried her sausage roll on our walk just days ago. I paused, looked at her and thought she must be saying that because we had just bought her a sausage roll (she is a bit of a foodie like me). I questioned her, “Oh that’s so lovely. What makes you feel that way?” “Because I just love it,” and she leans in for a hug…

It was a that moment I realised, we had done it! We had truly created the life we wanted!

You see, six years ago our little family was living a very different lifestyle. We had a house that exceeded our needs, I was on maternity leave just barely making it through the day with two children with high needs, my daughter would scream all night and not sleep and my toddler was in need of constant stimulation, (he never got tired like, never) in which we now understand and have a diagnosis for, but at that time both kids were suffering extreme anxiety as were my husband and I. My daughter had severe food intolerances and developed anorexia, yes you heard it right at the age of one her anxiety and food intolerances gave her an eating disorder and she was failing to thrive. We were also bombarded with so many toxic relationships around us from immediate family members and beyond, which was creating tension and anxiety for both of us. We had a mortgage that was excessive which left us with a full house but completely empty hearts and we were not creating a life that was true to our soul or an environment we wanted our children to grow up in. We were stressed, tired and falling apart. We knew that we needed to make some massive changes and that our children didn’t need the fancy things around them but they needed attentive parents who were able to deal with their own short comings and trauma, inable to create a calmer stress free environment for them to thrive in.

So that’s just what we did. We decided to sell our fancy house (which enabled me to take a few extra years off work to support the high needs of our kids), we began to deal with the toxic relationships around us it started with drawing some very uncomfortable boundaries, which lets say when you’re dealing with narcissists that’s no easy task! There were many opinions flying around about the choices we were making but one thing stood strong, we knew what we were trying to create and we were not backing down. We have had to leave behind many toxic immediate family member who simply will never change and we understand that that’s ok, as we are all on different parts of our soul journeys.

Once our house sold, we decided to take a few months off and travelled around parts of Australia with our two kids and the bare minimum and guess what, in the first week the kids anxiety levels dropped and in that time away my daughter overcame her eating disorder. She began to put on weight for the first time in three months. Removing the children from the toxic environments and seeing them begin to thrive, it was pretty clear we were onto something.

Upon return, we purchased a much more modest home and we continued to peel back our own onion layer further (trauma, pain, emotions) and continued to work on removing all toxic relationships around us. Its funny when you start working on creating the life you want you realise just how much you held on to that was not serving your soul’s purpose and in fact prohibiting your growth. You also gain an understanding of the fact you have been numbing your pain with possessions and trying to find your own value through others, but the truth is, it always started with you and only you.

Throughout it all we have begun to connect deeper as a family and our children are so much more settled as a result of us healing and removing the things that were not serving us. We still have layers to go and that’s ok. We are on our way and beginning to see the fruits of our labour. Honestly, what you do not heal within yourselves your children will show you what you need to work on.

Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the current global situation we are all in?

Well, my view (take it or leave it) and many other awakened souls on the planet believe and have an inner knowing that this current situation is a mass spiritual awakening for humanity. We are being given the opportunity to rest and reflect on the life we are currently living. As a collective this really is a chance to change the life we have grown to know and improve our future for the generations to come. Most (not all) of us have become so disconnected from our inner spirit (soul) and the Earth and replaced this connection with material things, toxic relationships or addictions to numb the pain and trauma we carry and the emotions we are trying to avoid.

Well guess what? You can’t ignore it forever…

I understand the fear of change and of the unknown. I have been there many times (different circumstances) but I have been there. I have been asked numerous times in the past few weeks how come you are so calm? I’m calm because I see the opportunities in being still, tackling your inner emotions and hitting rock bottom. There is much more to my story but I have hit rock bottom in the past, to the point where you can’t actually see any other options, yes that point!!! I have numbed my pain and replaced it with possessions, false relationships, addictions and was living a life untrue to my soul, a life that was expected of me not one I was happy with. I have completely reinvented myself and I understand its bloody painful work!

I know there are many that are worried and under pressure about their businesses, finances, health and families and that’s completely valued. Grieve what you need to but please don’t stay there. Please see the opportunity in the stillness to reconnect to the things that truly matter. It’s a chance to reboot yourselves, your families, your mind set and get your shit together. Don’t fear the unknown, understand all things in the universe, serve a purpose and if you have air in your lungs, a place to sleep and something in your belly that is far more than a shitload of people on this planet before the virus.

Use this as an opportunity to see this, reflect and do something about the things that do not spark your soul.

Use this time to think about the lifestyle you live. Do you like it? Do you think working 40 plus hours a week to have a fancy house and a car and do expensive stuff is worth it? Or, when this is over ,could you change your lifestyle?

Do you think it’s ok for a small portion of the world’s population to hoard all the money while children in other parts of the world die of starvation daily? (Puts hoarding of groceries into perspective doesn’t it)!

Is it ok that we grow and produce some stuff locally, but yet import from afar?

Is it ok that many still believe children should not have a voice? So many believe that wisdom comes from age in which it sometimes does, however I know many children who possess the gift of wisdom, you just need to listen. The kids being born are here to get humanity through and show us the way. So many have been born to awaken their parents, I know mine have definitely played a role in my own awakening.

Are you aware that we are all connected? We all receive our energy from the same source. Think of the cosmos as a battery and in order to be alive we need its lifeforce energy to be active within us. This applies to every living thing, plants, trees, animals, anything that is alive. So, if we are all receiving energy from the same source, we are all essentially connected. So when you hurt others and our planet, you essentially hurt yourselves!

It’s time to wake up! It’s time to fix this broken world, but each of us need to start with ourselves first, so take this opportunity the universe has provided to us all, look beyond the surface and heal our wounds and our hearts so together we can create a world that cares beyond oneself.

The choice is yours. Fear or opportunity… love or greed… hope or despair…

I know what I choose and I have faith that many will follow their hearts and inner calling too, so we all can have a future where our children can all say, “I like being part of this family.”

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