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💖 Card 1 – Have Fun 💖

Stop! When was the last time you had fun? When was the last time you took a chance and did something silly – Something totally unlike you, something just for the joy of it? It’s long overdue for you to let go of your analytical mind and give yourself and yourself permission to have fun!
We all have the need to play and leave the adult responsibilities behind for a little while. Step away from your desk or what you’re doing and release your inhibitions. Feel free to shout and laugh or jump in the air and feel the connection with your inner child again.
By connecting with this card Spirit is letting you know that you must engage in more hobbies and activities that are purely centred on having fun. If you’ve always wanted to learn sing dance or play a new sport then it’s time. Maybe you’ve been drawn to the stage to act or wanted to try comedy this is the ideal moment to Go for it! You are a physical being as well as a spiritual being, so having fun will balance all of you. Have fun you so deserve it!

💜 Channelled Message 💜

You have been too focused on your to-do list or even lessons that you’ve been trying to transcend. Too much emphasis on these things will throw you completely out of balance. Life isn’t meant to be all about one thing or one area! You are meant to enjoy it too! Get in touch with the things that make you feel good it’s time for a break!

💖 Card 2 – Support 💖

People come into your life for many different reasons. Some you learn from and then they move on, while others return often because you need to learn more from those individuals. Others remain beside you throughout your entire life.
We bring you this card because we understand how much support you’re in need of at this precise time. Take a good look around you, and ask yourself, “Are the people in my life supporting me and encouraging me to learn and grow?” Every relationship is about giving and receiving. There should always be an even exchange of energy – One of give and take. If you are feeling drained it’s a clear indication that you’re not in alignment with someone or even a group. Surround yourself with those who will help you be all that you can be!
Everyone needs support. We are here for you, encouraging you to reach out and find like-minded souls, a support group, or an awareness class to share your goals, aspirations and spiritual experiences. By doing so others will learn from you at the same time. Find the support you need and you’ll see how you’re so soar!

💜 Channelled Message 💜

I feel a sense of sadness and the belief that there isn’t anyone who can fully support and understand you. You often become the support for others and you do carry an earth angel like role here at this time, however moving forward you are here to birth a new way of support, not only for yourself, but for those who have had similar experiences to you. What trauma have you been through? What support did you require? Where and what can you contribute and connect with a community of people who understand what one another needs? I feel a soul purpose wanting to be birthed at this time.

💖 Card 3 – Love 💖

Love is the foundation of your existence and you’re just as worthy of receiving as you are of giving love and compassion. One love can be a beautiful emotion, it is equally a form of energy that property through life.
We are reaching out to you at this important time in hope that you will discover new meaningful ways of nurturing and loving yourself. Love is energy, and that beautiful force is also part of you. To experience and feel the power of love in one’s life time can be one of the most beautiful, significant and life changing events that you’re so can acknowledge and receive. Yet, love is so much more than being able to say that you’ve loved another person.
Love is not meant to be a fix destination; It’s about the journey. It’s the process of becoming the person you’re meant to be a person living and loving from the heart and soul. You are love, and you are worthy of love! Now is the perfect time to weed out the people and situations that are not empowering you, and surround yourself with those who can gently encourage you to be all that you can be!

Start your journey by letting the energy of love into your heart and your life. By doing so it will allow you to receive and give love and to radiate as the pure soul that you truly are!

💜 Channelled Message 💜

You know deep in your heart there are situations and people you have been trying to let go of. There is an inner knowing and music in your heart that there is more to this life that you can experience. When we get fixated on the way that things were or the good times that have been and overlook what’s not in alignment with our true self we are preventing ourselves from experiencing true love. Give yourself the gift of freedom and self love and do what’s best for you. When you do this you show the universe that you know your worthy of so much more. You allow the new to come toward you.

💖 Card 4 – Ground Yourself 💖

Being distracted, unfocused, tired, irritated and impatient are all signs that your ungrounded. Now is the time to become centred and allow Spirit to help you ground yourself and reconnect with the Divine Source.
Spirit has carefully selected this card for a reason. It’s now vital for you to ground yourself in order to clear your head and stop the racing, frenetic, chaotic thoughts that she sending you in a million different directions. It’s time to take a firm step back so you can think clearly again and achieve your full potential. You need to reconnect with the Divine Source, but to do so, you have to ground and centre yourself.
Spend some time in the peace and tranquillity of nature, whether that’s in the countryside or at the beach, so you can be with yourself. Walk barefoot on Mother Earth when you can, or dig your hands deep into her soil by gardening. Take time to meditate, breath and absorb the healing qualities of stillness and serenity. By grounding yourself, your also aligning with your highest soul purpose and yet your still keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

💜 Channelled Message 💜

When your aligned within your outer would will be more harmonious. As beings of energy we must be connected not just above but below also to be in balance. Take some time to be still and perhaps release any pent up emotions with putting pen to paper or body movement. If your experiencing lots of changes at the moment just trust the universe is aligning you to your highest potential.

Many blessings and love sent your way.

💖 Alyssia xx

🦋 Cards we’re selected with love from “The Spirit Messages” By John Holland

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