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This reading is an insight to your current energy with suggestions of how your past lives energy could be affecting you currently or even offers suggestions of areas of interest that you might benefit from exploring further at this current time. Remember we have many past lives and this reading is to support you at this time.

Card 1 Trust & Faith

The questions and experiences that you’re been having are connected to the levels of trust and faith that you have. These two qualities affect the amount of fulfilment, peace and joy you experience. If you find that you don’t trust yourself, other or even life itself the reason may be rooted in prior lifetimes. This card may also indicate a past lifetime where you were betrayed by a specific person who is in your current life.

This is also true with respect to the amount of faith you have in the universe. You drew this card as a sign to have faith and trust that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. While its true that you learn from your past, its also important to live in the moment, without clouding it with past pain. And if your faith and trust issues are directed at certain individuals, listen to these feelings, as they may be red-flag warnings to heed. You can forgive someone for past life-times, and also follow your inner guidance to avoid them if it is warning you to distrust this person.

Are you experiencing issues with trust or faith? It is time to let go of these conditions that have been placed upon you in past lives relax, rejoice and allow yourself to be free from this karmic cycle, because when we recognise its just that a karmic cycle we are allowing the cycle to ease and begin to heal. If you need extra support for this reach out I have an amazing contact. Love Alyssia

Card 2 Celtic

You drew this card because you had a significant past lifetime in Celtic lands and you continue to feel bonded to this culture. Prehaps you’ve lived in or visited the isles of Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England. If so you may have a sense of deja vu and be a Anglophile – a person who adores these cultures. Your also fascinated with Stonehenge and King Arthurs Camelot.

You may have learned the ‘Old Religion” of the Celtic lands, which involved the use of healing herbs and gaining wisdom from oak trees. You could even be an ancient Druid in disguise. Your connection to the elemental realm has made you love fairies, elves and all fae. You also respect and love all trees, especially oaks and willows.

If you haven’t already done so schedule some visits to the ancient sacred areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Exploring their stone cycles, castles and spiritual artifacts may trigger additional healing memories.

Have you have a fascination or perhaps synchronicities relating to Celtic times. This could be an indication you have had past lives in a particular places. Try looking further into those things that you are drawn to and the history of where they originated it could open up some further understanding of where your passions come from or even some guidance into areas you might like to explore more. Love Alyssia

Card 3 The Arts

You have artistic and creative talents that desire expression. This card comes to you as a sign that you would do well in an occupation relating to the arts. It also indicates that you were involved in the arts in prior lifetimes, which can explain your natural talents in the present.

As a prodigy, you have artistic skills that innate, and don’t require training or practice. These inherent abilities have been passed down from prior lives. It’s important to explore and give yourself permission to unleash your artistic side. This could lead to a lucrative career or a fulfilling avocation or hobby. So take arts and crafts classes and follow your inner guidance about creativity.

Natural talents often come from previous skills learnt many times during our lifetimes. Its often the things we are passionate about. When we follow our passion and are expressive with it, we feel at peace and fulfilment of our hearts desires. This card feels like its calling many to step into their natural creative side and see where it takes you. Love Alyssia

I hope you embrace these insight to some past life energy that may be coming up for you currently. These messages or patterns emerging are guidance into areas that may be holding you back and guidance on ways that may help you move forward. Remember we have many past lives and this reading is simply to best support your current energy.

This reading was channelled with love from “Past Life Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue & Brian L. Weiss M.D

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