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Thursday 23rd January, 2020 9 am – 1 pm

I am hosting a modified Reiki Course for Kids in the January School Holidays.

The course is for children aged 7 – 13.
The children will learn about:

The history of Reiki
How to ground and protect themselves.
How to detach from energy.
The chakra systems.
How to self heal with Reiki.

What they will receive:

Reiki manual for kids.
Attunements to the beautiful Reiki energy.
Certificate of completion to Level One Reiki.
Light healthy snacks.

The benefits of Reiki can be improved sleep, ability to calm one self, reduction in stress or anxiety, increase in self confidence and a boosted immunity. The results will vary as we are all different.

This course is modified to suit children. It is required that an adult to be in attendance with the child learning, as you will be able to help them with their learning after the course. As the space is limited and we want the children participating to have the maximum benefit from the course, unfortunately other children not attending will not be able to stay.

The attunements required the children to be calm and in a meditative state. The attending adult may be present for the attunement. Attunements will last them a lifetime as this is the sames as Level One Adult attunement.

The Course Venue is TBC.
The Course is limited to 4 participants only. Please PM me for further details or to secure your child’s place. A $20 deposit is required to secure a place. If you would like to learn Reiki along with your child I am happy to organise a separate time for you both to do this. I do how ever recommend an adult to take part in a course for adults as you will receive much more in depth information and training.

I have my DCIS clearance and am a certified Reiki Master.

Love & Light

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