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💖 Card 1 – Expression 💖

This card guide you to speak your mind. For so long people have not spoken up for themselves. As a result humanity has lived under the tyrannical control of those with power. Now is the time for change, And you are one of the spiritual warriors in charge of initiating that shift. Always speak your mind, But also be aware of how others react to your declarations. Ask the angels to guide you to communicate in ways that allow you to be heard. If you can express yourself in a manner that people can relate to, Your concerns and opinions will be much better received.

💜 Additional Channelled Message 💜

Who are you at your core before the world told you who you need to be? Tap into your inner intuition and allow yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are. – Alyssia 💜

💖 Card 2 – You Already Know 💖

This card, ironically, comes to you when the answer is something you already know but are denying or require confirmation of. In this circumstance, the angels are saying that you have the answer, and you also know exactly what to do to move forward.
This card asks you to trust in yourself and the Divine order of the universe and do what’s best for you. Only good can come from listening to your guidance, and only good can come from trusting your own intuition.

💜 Additional Channelled Message 💜

You already know you’ve been gaining clarity lately about the onset of changes that have been appearing with in your life. You know that there are things that you need to leave behind, so you can fully spread your wings. Listen to the calls that you are getting and allow yourself the freedom of following your inner voice, after all that’s the only one that really matters. – Alyssia 💜

💖 Card 3 – Apologise 💖

This card asks you to take the high road in any situation that you are facing and apologise either to the people involved or to yourself for the things that have been bothering you .

Saying that you’re sorry is one of the best ways to let the pressure off yourself and defuse tension. Even if you perceive that you’ve done nothing wrong, the angels ask you to apologise in general for any disappointment or frustration that arose. Be sure to have an honest discussion with yourself or other people about the underlying feelings that lead to the conflict. The angel certainly don’t want you to cover up your true emotions!

Know that was saying you’re sorry may not be easy or even seem fair, in this situation it’s being asked of you because it serves a higher purpose. This is a lesson for you to put aside your pride and do something for the greater good.

💜 Additional Channelled Message 💜

We know deep down we all play a part in every situation, there is no point denying any further what needs to be said or done. This apology could be to yourself for allowing toxic connections or situations into your life, or it could be that you have been the toxic person in a situation. You can’t fully move forward unless you take full ownership of the role that you have played in each any situation. Give yourself and other‘s grace and keep moving forward. You will free free your heart and mind by owning what’s yours. – Alyssia 💜

💖 Card 4 – Love Yourself 💖

This card reminds you of how beautiful your soul, mission and life truly is. You deserve happiness, and the most powerful way to bring it into your life is to be a source of it. Love yourself even if it doesn’t seem natural, and you’ll be a conduit for higher energy.
Take time today to focus on at least one thing you appreciate about yourself. Your relationship with you is the most intimate one you’ll have in this lifetime. The more you love yourself, The more you can focus your energy specifically on the greater good.

💜 Additional Channelled Message 💜

Love yourself, you take such good care of everyone else but it’s essential that you take just as much care of you. You may find that you have many connections that are very one-sided, this is only a reflection of how you truly treat yourself. Every relationship starts with you, love yourself enough and you attract a loving tribe that is reciprocal. – Alyssia 💜

💜 I hope your embrace the messages that were meant for you! This reading was channelled using “Indigo Angel Oracle Cards” By Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue.

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💖 Alyssia XXX

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