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💖 Card 1 – Send Love 💖

Card Message:

Love is the most powerful vibrational energy in the universe. This card ask you to remember all energy is based in love. Sometimes when things seems unfair or when you feel lost in a situation, its important not to dwell upon the negative, because that will the attract more negativity to you. You are a very very powerful manifester, and the Angels need you to replace feelings of anger, sadness or frustration with love. See the situations and people in your life surrounded by the pure tender embrace of heaven and you’ll experience new found happiness.

Channelled Message:

If things have felt tough lately and your trying to find answers to a situation but not sure where to start. You are being guided to visualise love surrounding your situation. When we do this we create that vibration in our energy field in which will change everything. Know that if things feel unfair it’s simply teaching you to let go (one of the hardest things to do).

💖 Card 2 – Archangel Michael 💖

Card Meaning:

You receive this card because Archangel Michael wishes to work with you and your divine mission. Like all the Archangels, Michael can be with you and everyone simultaneously, as he is unlimited and non-denominational. He helps anyone who asks, Especially if you have a life purpose to help the earth (In which you do!). As the giver of strength, Archangel Michael reminds you of your role on Earth. He helps you release fear and have a healthy level of self confidence. Call upon him any time you are afraid, and know you are immediately protected by the grace of heaven. Ask Archangel Michael To guide your decisions based on your purpose, instead of your fear and rest assure that he will lead you to your highest potential. Whenever you feel alone, afraid or vulnerable allow the power of this magnificent angel to bring you a comforting sense of protection to you.

Channelled Message:

There are past situations and energy exchanges which you are needing to free yourself from. Call upon Archangel Michael to bring his sword in and help you emotionally and mentally detached from the past. You feel to be taking two steps forward and one step back at the moment. Each time you feel yourself going over the past call in Archangel Michael to reinforce the detachment. There is a new beginning on the horizon for you there are just a few strings holding you back in which you need to release.

💖 Card 3 – Show Appreciation 💖

Card Meaning:

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives and forget to show others around them just how much they mean to us. Although you may not realise it, your friends and loved ones are only human. They have feelings and emotions, just as you do. You are being urged to offer an express gratitude to the special people in your life. This card also asked you to shift your focus away from what you lack in life and instead appreciate all that you do have and all that you’ve accomplished. When you can get in touch with this higher part of yourself, many more of your dreams will come true.

Channelled Message:

If you have found yourself recently feeling as though you’re not being appreciated, seen or even heard. This card is reminding you that these feelings are a two way street. It’s often what we feel is missing from our lives or that of what we feel others are not giving to us we are simply not giving to ourselves or to others. Keep your focus on gratitude for all that you are and all the positives of those who around you to. Then watch your reality change.

💖 Alyssia XXX

This reading was done with “Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue. For your own personal card reading please visit

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