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đź’• Card 1 – Power

As a spiritual being you have unlimited power at your command. This card represents inner strength, willpower, courage, compassion generosity and love. At any moment these beautiful qualities can assist you in coping with an adverse condition in front of you or the many surrounding your life. Set aside the necessary time to resolve such issues. Power represents more than physical, external strength, It can also be channelled emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When you have balance over body mind and soul and with the power of spirit anything can be overcome to achieve a positive result.
Power and strength can be developed to work in harmony in any given situation. Every obstacle every error helps build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. When you make a mistake it’s a chance for you to stop listen and ask yourself “what am I supposed to be learning here and how can I make the situation better?”. Mistakes are a great wake up call in that they provide you with the opportunities to discover your weaknesses. What needs to be changed? And which areas of your life needs improving. Equally they can be blessings in disguise. Just remember you are power!

Channelled Message:

This isn’t a time to continue old habits or mindsets… It’s now time to do what’s best for you… You are responsible for your journey and the infinite power that you posses will help you… So tap into it! There is a new adventure awaiting you, but you can’t have it without the courage to choose to walk the path to your greatest destiny. What you are not changing you are choosing!

đź’• Card 2 – Moving On

You’re about to embark on a much-needed journey to leave the past behind. This card let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it signifies that the time has arrived in which a difficult cycle in your life is coming to an end. In the traditional Tarot, This card also implies travelling or going forward involving crossing water or even moving abroad. Calmer waters are ahead and with all the lessons you’ve learned from past experiences you’re approaching this period having grown and you’re so much stronger for it. The healing process is underway and now you can set your goals and desires and objectives to secure a more positive and successful future. Because your mind is more settled and less worried synchronistic events will bring the right conditions and introduce people into your life for your highest good.

Channelled Message:

For some time you have sensed your inner being has not been at peace. Perhaps you’ve been out of alignment with your core values, it’s time that you begin to listen to your inner guidance and understand that moving on sometimes can mean moving on from a mindset or simply leaving energy behind that is no longer serving you. There is brightness on your horizon but in order to receive that you need to trust your intuition and leave whatever it is that’s not bringing you peace behind you.

đź’• Card 3 – Victory and Success

Good news is on the way! The qualities of this positive card are completion victory and success that often follow a difficult period. Many people around you are very proud to see how are you triumphantly came through it. They respect you and may even attempt to follow your example. You’ve worked hard and devoted much effort to get to this point in your life where you’ve become wiser and have grown in so many ways. Always remember to stop and pat yourself on the back you deserve it. This card also remind you to stay grounded remember where you came from and keep your ego in check don’t lose who you really are. This victory can be used as a teaching tool for the future. Realise that if you came through this challenging time you can achieve anything!

Channelled Message:

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed you might feel like you’ve been climbing a mountain for sometime now. There are brighter day coming, open your heart up to receive all that is yours.

I hope you embrace the messages that are meant for you. The reading was done with “The Psychic Tarot” By John Holland.

đź’• Alyssia XXX

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