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Reading for the collective Friday 14th May, 2021

Card 1 – Fertility

Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. Your the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past – whether they were happiness, comfort, abundance, prosperity, family, children, ideas, or even thoughts – are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy.

Open yourself to the life force of the Universe. This card also represents femininity and Mother Earth, who is calling you. The arms of her beauty reaching out, she wants to embrace you on her seashore, mountains, forests and gardens – go to her and meet her halfway. Aknowledge that the same energy that makes up the heavens, earth, plants, animals and mineral kingdom is also part of you. Start nurturing yourself, and infuse your soul with love and compassion. Soon others will see and feel your devotion.

As you interact with others around you now or even in the midst of solving a problem, use gentle care and kindness as you handle such situations. This isn’t a time for you to be inconsiderate, possessive, domineering, forceful or pushy. Act from the loving space of your hearts centre. The benevolent energy that resides there will assist you in making sacrifices in order to care for and help others as well as yourself.

Card 2 – Suffering in Silence

The number 9 denotes completion. Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting negative beliefs, or are you allowing the issues in your life to become bigger than they really are? Your mind has been doing quiet a job on you lately, and even your dreams may be trying to get your attention. When we learn to let go of the worry, despair and sense of hopelessness, a positive new way or path will be shown to you.

This card follows “Trapped in Fear” the number 8 Mental card; when your fears aren’t confronted, your mental anguish will continue. This is a reminder to take action and trust that your soul and the power of spirit will grasp you firmly by the hand and guide you, but you must take the first step towards the healing and let go of the material distress. Don’t suffer in silence – reach out for the help that’s available.

Card 3 – Patience

This card signifies the need for patience, self-control, adjustment, moderation and balance when dealing with others as well as yourself. This could be in the areas of how you think and work; and how you handle school, recreation, the people in your life, or the spiritual path that’s set before you.

As a soul, you have more than one aspect of yourself to draw on for support – its all about integration and learning to blend and balance both the physical and the spiritual. Your an ethereal being in a physical body enjoying a human experience. Therefore since your both, you should honour all of you. If you go through life denying yourself the joy of combining these aspects, your missing out on so much of what the world has to offer. Why accept a life that’s half lived?

The patience card reminds you to open your heart and mind; and allow yourself to listen to other peoples ideas, thoughts and perspectives. Blissful harmony can be achieved when everybody learns to work as one – all benefit. listening, sharing and reaching out will help you renew your faith in yourself and humankind. You will become more aware of the miracles around you as well as the ones you have a hand in creating.

I hope you embrace these messages that were meant for you. I have used “The Psychic Tarot” Oracle Deck by John Holland for this reading. Please visit and click on my list of services if your interested in booking your own reading or healing.

Much Love

Alyssia XX

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