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๐Ÿ’– Card 1 – Alignment ๐Ÿ’–

Inner integrity, being a vibrational match for what you want to bring into your life, manifesting from a place of love over fear, energy flows where attention goes, subconscious sabotage, seamlessly actualising our dreams.

We all have the ability to manifest the life we wish to call in. However, We may find our desires not actualising as we hoped. Energy goes where attention flows and if our thoughts and focus fixate on something that opposes what we want to bring in our lives, this will cause dissonance. Is there an internal sabotage? Are we, without realising, undermining ourselves through our language, worries and the broken record that play in our minds?

To bring something into your life. Become the vibrational match for it. Imagine what it feels like to already have what you desire and cultivate that feeling. This is the key to powerful manifesting. Preparing ourselves and our environment as if what we are manifesting is a certainty also creates a shift in our thinking. When we want and strive for something, we create more wanting and striving. When we immerse ourselves in what it is like to already have something we will be in the perfect vibration to receive it.

Also consider, whether you are choosing to manifest something from fear or love. Unfortunately if our wants are driven or born out of fear we will amplify this. When our heart motivates our desires, whatever we manifest is aligned with love.

Divinatory meaning:

Look at where your desires and manifestations are being seeded. If your plans or dreams arenโ€™t unfolding as you would like them to itโ€™s time to take a deeper look at other areas in your life. Is something out of step with integrity? Are you making decisions through fear or love? If it is through fear or avoidance, your manifestations may seemingly backfire to encourage experiences that will bring you back into balance. It is time to become a vibrational match for what you are seeking. Instead of driving harder for something, cultivate the feeling of already having all you seek. You will be surprised at what this shift in perspective creates.

Channelled message:

The way we hold ourselves in integrity is to act according to our true belief systems. If things are not flowing as you would like them to itโ€™s simply because somewhere along the line you have become unaligned with your true flow. Take some time to rebalance your energy connect in with water element and that deep wisdom from within your soul. Remove anything that is simply not aligned with the future you are wanting to create. It starts with you!

๐Ÿ’– Card 2 – Beyond the Mind ๐Ÿ’–

Thinking with the heart, being present, heart and mind connection meditation, the bliss of being, quieting the monkey mind, fathoming the unfathomable, finding happiness within, going beyond intellectual limitation.

The mind is a wonderful tool for moving us through the logistical elements of life so we can function in the world. However, itโ€™s endless chatter, self-doubt, limiting stories and subconscious programs can also keep us in our suffering. One of the fundamental problems with mine charter is that it takes us out of the present moment. As soon as we are in the past or future, we can no longer be our most in empowered in the present.

When we are stuck in the past or worrying about our future, we are not in command of our now. All we are doing is draining our energy and removing ourselves from the beauty of this incredible movement where anything is possible. That is not to say we should plan for the future or onto the past. This message is about bringing our awareness to the present. We are naturally wired to be everywhere at the present moment. Just as we would exercise to keep our body fit and healthy, it is useful to practice being here and now. Learning to find any spaces of peace and silence, regardless of external circumstances, is one of the greatest gifts we can cultivate for ourselves.

Much of western culture and society pivots on a mind based paradigm. This has served us in getting from A to B in a very linear way, but not in a holistic and the cracks are starting to show. We learned that logic is always the right approach. However, more and more people are feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and anxious even though we are living more comfortably and with fewer threats.

What can we do about this? The answer is learning to just be – even just for 10 minutes of your day. There are many techniques to help you to quieten the mind. Find the ones that work for you and as your internal world becomes more peaceful, conscious and empowered and meaningful, so too will your external world. They are interconnected.

True bliss is experience completely and Artley in the present moment. In essence, it is the feeling we spend so much of our life seeking. Ironically, we have access to this feeling always, without external stimulants or concepts. Allow everything to drop away, so you are present. It can take some work but presence and bliss are totally within your grasp.

Commodity driven society tells us we need to see things outside of ourselves to feel safe and happy. This thinking keeps us out of the magic! The enlightened soul knows there is so much more.

Divinatory meaning:

Take a step outside your mind base concerns or limitations. Looking at things in your overly logical way will hinder you an abstract access to your superpowers. You may be transfixed by a past experience. The past maybe running you and making your mind spin so you cannot see what it is really in front of you. Consider what your heart and your got a telling you. Step back and clear your mind. Meditate in your own way. Contemplate what the situation at hand would feel like if you released all fears and worries. Are these concerns even yours?

Channelled message:

Iโ€™m picking up a lack of trust within yourself. Thereโ€™s a part of you that is still deeply looking for external validation. I feel you are continuously looking for reassurance and ways to make yourself look better on paper. However, you are already more than capable of sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world. Trust yourself itโ€™s time to step into your power.

๐Ÿ’– Card 3 – Water – The Overflow ๐Ÿ’–

Abundance, non-attachment, the paradigm of scarcity, allowing financial and energetic gift to flow through and create more.

During one of my most pivotal lumerian visions I was guided into a life where I lived in a humble mud hut. As I could create any thought in the multiple dimensions that I had access to, I simultaneously resided in a beautiful crystalline palace. I found myself in a paradigm where I could create anything that will, and thus there was no concept of scarcity nor the need to hold onto anything. This experience initiated a shift that change my life. We may only be starting to touch on this notion in our mundane reality. When we give more from a place of overflow then obligation, even when we think we have nothing, having it come from this mindset can only create more abundant flow of what we want.

The being in this picture has many hands and yet still the water is allowed to fall through her fingers. It blesses her in the moments it touches her radiant skin and then continues on its journey. Her heart is also overflowing with love. Yeah eyes are filled with tears. She allows what comes through to move her without control. She gracefully allows whatever she is feeling to be expressed, and as she does so, she radiates so much light into the world.


Allowing for flow, receptivity, the path of least resistance, purity, clearing away that which no longer serves, emotion.

Channelled message:

By becoming attached to nothing and appreciating everything, we can live the most peacefully abundant life. Allow life to take you and guide you by following the path of least resistance. There is so much abundance and prosperity around you itโ€™s time to accept it and know your true beauty and worthiness to receive. Everything you want is in arms reach.

๐Ÿฆ‹ Cards were selected from โ€œBeyond Lumuria Oracle Cardsโ€ By Izzy Ivy. Please visit to book your own personal question. ๐Ÿฆ‹


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