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Card 1 – Five of Summer

There is much serene beauty in life. However, that kind of tranquillity can be overlooked when your fixated on things that make you unhappy. Release negative situations and return to your own inner peace. Make sure your thoughts are thoroughly focused on optimistic outcomes. Envision the present and future that you want to manifest and forget about the past. If you need to mourn a loss, do not hesitate to reach out to those around you who love you and can help you recover in a healthy way. Remove yourself from the negative emotions of others. Melodramatic people and situations foster feelings like regret and anxiety, which do not help you live the life you desire. Do not worry – brighter days are just around the corner.

The fairy appears clearly worried by what is just out of view on the card. She is ready to take flight, when perhaps a time of contemplation would serve her better.


Forgiving past mistakes. Getting something positive out of a challenging situation. Seeing all the possibilities.

Card 2 – The Hermit

You are never alone! Even when it appears that way, you are actually surrounded by God, the angels, and the fairies, who want to help you. You can ask them for assistance any time, and they will illuminate your path to peace and happiness.

It is important to always shine your light so that other people can follow in your footsteps. In this way, you are a beacon of inspiration for them. Emulate the kind of person you admire so that others may learn from you as well. It may even be time for you to begin teaching or acting as a mentor to those in need of direction.

Our Hermit holds a gilded Star of David, symbolic of celestial guidance and the lineage of biblical King David.


Taking a peaceful break from society. Pondering the mysteries of life. Searching for enlightenment. Reconnecting with Source.

Card 3 – Seven of Summer

There are pros and cons to virtually every decision. The situation your currently in is demanding a choice from you, and procrastination is simply no longer an option. What you decide involves actions that may benefit you physically, emotionally, financially, intellectually, or spiritually. Recognising that you always have a choice is a great realisation about your personal power. However, it also means that you are responsible for the outcome of your choices. The moment to choose has arrived! You could make a list of every possible alternative and evaluate it, or you could ask God and your angels for guidance. But the time to choose is now.

Daydreaming can be a lovely way to get insight into a challenging situation… or it could be a way to avoid acting. Make sure your imaginings serve as a productive and positive purpose. Make a plan to put your dreams into action, one step at a time.

A fairy allows sunlight to shine through a prism, onto a bed of white roses. The rose indicates that his intentions are pure, but the prism shows there are many possibilities.


Wishful thinking. Needing to regain focus. Overanalysing. Too many choices. Receiving guidance to detox.

Card 4 – Princess of Spring

Its truly exhilarating to get to know the Princess of Spring! There is no experience she doesn’t want to have; no creative endeavour she wont experiment with. Painting, singing, dancing, acting… she wants to try it all! Her optimism is contagious, and if you spend time with her, you’ll find your metaphorical glass going from “half full” to running over!

Our Princess is enthusiastic and remarkably creative. She exhibits an almost childlike exuberance for life that will have you smiling. She is an eager volunteer, and anyone would be lucky to have her on the team. Just keep in mind with all this energy its tough to keep focused. She is easily distracted by the next new opportunity and can wonder off before completing the task Infront of her.

The little girl fairy in the Ace of Spring has grown up, and so has the Holy Hawthorn tree she has been tending to since it was planted by Joseph of Arimanthea in Glastonbury. A joyful and playful life is up for grabs.


Doing something that expands your horizons. Taking a light-hearted approach. Exploring what fascinates you. Being fearless. Staying focused.

Reading was done using “Fairy Tarot” By Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Much Love

Alyssia XX

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