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💖 Card 1 – Discipline 💖

This Dragon of golden light sit at the entrance of the cave, waves and storm crashing about him trying to toss him to and fro, But he is immovable. He has done this countless times, no matter the conditions, so when things get difficult he is ready. This Dragon appears when you, too, need to add more discipline to your life. This will help you continue even when things get hard or out of focus. Don’t start everything at once; Just begin with the smallest task and make sure you practice it day after day. Then, add the next. Discipline is built in layers until nothing can break you. This Dragon will help you build yours.

Additional channelled message

What are you trying to manifest? Emotions are getting in the way, it’s time to steady yourself and create routines and stick to them. You have divine universal guidance coming in, stay still long enough to hear the messages.

💖 Card 2 – Creation 💖

A darkness blacker than night shifts against the sky, barely seen as an emptiness between stars. In his talons, He carries a light born from his chest and ready to be passed on to the one being who can make that starshine as it is supposed to: You! There is a spark there, deep in your soul, ready to be stoked like a flames embers. These dragons do not sit there spark without reason. It is time to embrace the creation sit in your soul and turn it loose on the world. Write, draw, dance, build, create!

Additional channelled message

What you seek is also seeking you! Seeds that you have planted deep within need some extra light and attention. You have absolutely everything within you to create your desires.

💖 Card 3 – Emergence 💖

This great red watcher sets a top stone gateway, through which the shimmering sunrise is just about to peak over the horizon. She is here to tell you that you are ready. You are ready to move forward into a new beginning, a new life, or a new endeavour. You have done the work to leave your past self behind and proven you’re worth to him/her – You are ready to emerge is the next incarnation of yourself. All you have to do is step through the gate and embrace the fresh adventure before you. She can’t promise that it won’t be without hard work and difficulties, But it will be a journey worth taking.

Additional Channelled messages

There is a door of opportunity or new beginning either in the physical or perhaps it could be a mindset that is awaiting. It is you and only you who can walk yourself through the door. Go for it!!!

💖 Card 4 – Flow 💖

Caught in a swell of sea life, He spends and shakes with the movement curving on spiralling around him. He dances with it, No longer fighting the flowing movement, Throw caution to the wind and rides. He’s here to remind you to do the same. Don’t just go with the flow – Embrace it! Dance with it. Feel it in your body and move with it. It may not be in a direction that you would like to go, But this is only a temporary situation. Stop resisting, For the more you resist, The harder it is on your body, Your mind and your soul. Let the flow of the universe carry you to more Wanderers places.

Additional channelled messages

You have likely been through endless emotional turmoil lately and it’s now time to surrender and simply let it flow. Allow the unconscious to become conscious and the universe to open and expand you. Allow yourself to flow towards the light and all that is meant for you.

💖 Card 5 Acceptance 💖

Sparkling in the sky, This great force energy Dragon is still. He listens to what the universe is telling him, Excepting its message and voice. Acceptance can be a difficult message to hear. We want things to be different; We want to know what more we can do, But sometimes the best thing we can do is acknowledge the current situation and decide what we can do from here. This Dragon is here to offer support and encouragement during this time. Acceptance is the beginning of genuine change and from this point, You can make the decisions that will change your life.

Additional channelled messages

No one is perfect! We are all simply trying to find peace clarity and acceptance. You need not look elsewhere for this as everything starts within. Honour every part of your journey the good, the bad and recognise everything you have an endured has brought you here to this very moment. The more excepting you are if yourself, others and situations. You will find paths and solutions will occur easier when you come from the space of acceptance.

I hope you embrace the messages that were meant for you. The cards were selected from “Universal Dragon Oracle” By Carla Morrow

Much Love

Alyssia XXX

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