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πŸ’œ Card 1 Life Purpose πŸ’œ

β€œThe purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings you great joy to yourself and others. Don’t worry about finding your purpose. Instead focus upon serving a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you.”

This card comes as a reminder that you needn’t struggle to find your life purpose. Don’t worry about how to make good money in a meaningful career. Don’t concern yourself with quitting or starting jobs or professions. Instead, follow the path of bringing you to yourself or others. Your life purpose doesn’t need to be defined or pinpointed. It’s a process, not a category.

πŸ’œ Give all your worries about money or career to God and the Angels. πŸ’œ Your in the right path to your life’s purpose. πŸ’œ Focus in one step at a time with respect to your life’s purpose, and release fears about the future to the angels. πŸ’œ What your doing right now is part of your life’s purpose.

πŸ’– Set the stage for what you desire, it’s all linked to your life’s purpose. πŸ’– Alyssia

πŸ’– Card 2 Entrepreneur πŸ’–

β€œSelf employment suits your disposition and intentions. Working for yourself allows you to be better follow your intuition and Divine guidance. We are co-workers and teammates, who remain loyal by your side to endure your success in all ways.”

This card comes to you because your well suited to self employment. You have the ideas, the drive and the self discipline required for entrepreneurial work. Yet, self doubt makes you hesitate. The angels treasure you that you do have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. They will guide and support you along the way, and as long as you follow through in this action, your success is assured.

πŸ’œ Your ideas for business are sound. πŸ’œ Ease our if your present job by moonlighting with your desired business idea. πŸ’œ Take action as you’re guided with respect for your career. πŸ’œ Fully commit to succeeding in your new business.

πŸ’– You have skill that can enable you to be self sufficient. Go for it! πŸ’– Alyssia

πŸ’– Card 3 Fresh Air πŸ’–

β€œYour body needs refreshment from oxygenated air generated by grass, trees, plants and flowers. Spend time outside as near to Mother Nature’s cradle as possible. Open your curtains and windows to refresh your home as well.”

The angels sent this card to you because you need some fresh air. You’ve been indoors far too long and your body and soul crave oxygen. Open the windows in your home and office to air them out, then go outside yourself and breath deeply. If you live in the city make ab escape to the country as soon as possible to breathe some much needed fresh air. Keep plenty of live plants in your home and office to ensure steady circulation of oxygen.

πŸ’œ Exercise outdoors. πŸ’œGet some sunshine, or travel to a sunny environment. πŸ’œ Spend time around trees or plants. πŸ’œReconnect with nature. πŸ’œ Bring some fresh air into a stale situation or relationship.

πŸ’– Get outside, move around and have some fun this weekend! It will do you good. πŸ’– Alyssia

πŸ’– Card 4 What do you Desire? πŸ’–

“You now have the opportunity to write the script according to your hearts true desires. Once you clearly decide upon your true desires and know that you are ready and deserving of them, they will rush into your life as if by magic.”

This card comes to you because you have been waiting for external signs of what you should do next. The angels say that the answers come from inside of you. You must decide what you want before anything can change. Carve out time to meditate upon your true hearts desires and know that you deserve the best, as we all do.

πŸ’œ Use of affirmations and positive visualizations to manifest your desire. πŸ’œ Clarify your desires. πŸ’œ Release any guilt or fear regarding asking for what you want.

❀️ Its time, be clear and consistent and its yours! πŸ’Ÿ

These cards have been channelled with πŸ’œ from “Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards” By Doreen Virtue. If you would like your own personalised question answered please see my list of services at I hope you embrace the messages that were meant for you and have a wonderful weekend! xxx

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