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πŸ’– Card 1 – Energy Work πŸ’–

“Life can be electrifying because it’s essence is energy. Your body is a remarkable energy field that will positively respond to loving treatments. Your hands and heart are activated to give healing energy to your loved ones and clients.”

You received this card because the angels say you would benefit from energy work, such as Reiki, Qi Gong. Find a healer you feel connected to. The angels suggest that you initiate a session where you receive energy healing. This card can also signify the angels message that your life purpose involves giving energy healing work to others. If you have been training in this respect (or you have been guided to seek such training), this card is a sign that you would excel in this area.Β 


πŸ’œ Clear the energy in your home or other environments. πŸ’œ Your very sensitive to energy, so regularly clear yourself of any energy you may have absorbed. πŸ’œ Shield yourself by visualising yourself surrounded by protective white light. πŸ’œ Take courses on energy healing. 

πŸ’– Card 2 – Daydream πŸ’–

“You will more easily hear and receive our message if you daydream regularly. Relax and open your mind to receiving, without directing your thoughts. Just notice any feelings, visions or ideas as if you were watching a movie. This is the seat of creativity.”

The angels sent you this card because they wish you to be open and receptive to new ideas. It’s important for you to engage in daydreaming now as a way to receive inspiration and wonderful ideas. Don’t try to make anything happen. Just follow the trail of your thoughts naturally, as they flow into new ways of looking at things. Write your ideas in a special journal and ask your angels for guidance on which action steps to take to enact these dreams. Take action without delay where your guided. 


πŸ’œ Be open to new possibilities. πŸ’œ Allow yourself to dream big. πŸ’œ Give yourself permission to relax and let go. πŸ’œ Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do. πŸ’œ Brainstorm with yourself or others for new ideas.

πŸ’– Card 3 – Relationship πŸ’–

“Your primary relationship is with yourself and God and every other relationship follows from there. To attract, heal or balance a relationship, then snuggle more closely with your loving creator. As you feel safe and loved within, so shall your other relationships bloom and prosper.”

This card signals that you’re entering a more positive phase in your relationships. As the picture on the card shows, you’re now out of the forest and entering an area filled with light and beauty. Like the angel portrayed on the card, you just need to hang on a little while longer.


πŸ’œThe answers to your question lies within your relationship. πŸ’œ Trust your feelings about your current relationship, and act accordingly.

πŸ’œΒ The angels are helping you manifest a wonderful new relationship.Β πŸ’œΒ Send light love and angels your present relationship.Β πŸ’œΒ A positive transition is occurring in a current relationship (which could include a healthy ending).

I hope you embrace these messages that were meant for you. The deck used was “Daily Guidance from your Angels.” By Doreen Virtue

Much Love

Alyssia XXX

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