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💖 Card 1 – Twin Flame 💖

The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship.

You drew this card because your twin flame is intricately involved with the answer to your question. A twin flame is a romantic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group – that is, he or she is “the one” in terms of soulmate relationships.

Often, twin flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth – after the reincarnation cycle has been completed, and all karma has been balanced. Until that lifetime, however, twin flames usually don’t incarnate simultaneously but instead volunteer to function as one another spirit guides. So your twin flame could be guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with a soulmate.

Action steps:

Write a letter to your twin flame’s guardian angels. Begin the letter with “Dear Guardian Angels of my twin flame,” and then express all of your feelings thoughts and questions about your love life. End the letter by asking these angels to prepare you to meet your twin flame or soulmate and to also arrange this visit. You’ll recognise your twin flame or soul mate immediately and there won’t be any doubt in your heart and mind when you’re face-to-face with him or her.

💖 Card 2 – Goddess 💖

Express your Divine feminine energy, embracing it’s magical intuition and nurturing qualities.
This card speaks of a need for sacred female energy, which brings gift such as intuition, nurturing and artistic expression. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time thinking or engaging in creatively void work.If so then this card is your signal to move your body in dance; and express your intuitive, artistic and nurturing side.
You’re also guided to call on benevolent female deities for help with the situation you’re inquiring about. You can call upon Lakshmi, The benevolent Hindu goddess who helps with abundance; Brigit, The Celtic goddess of healing and courage; Mother Mary, The Saint to guides our children; Athena, the Grecian goddess of wisdom; The Egyptian goddess Isis, Who helps women juggle home and family; Or any of the thousands of other trustworthy and sacred feminine deities.

Action steps:

Within every woman are three parts of the goddess: Maiden (inner child, at times pure and at other times adventures or bold) Mother (nurturing qualities) and Matriarch (the teacher). Men have analogous In a qualities of the Lad, the Dad, And the Patriarch. It’s important to express each of these three parts daily. This helps to balance playfulness with work and relationships. Spend time each day expressing all three characteristics, And notice how much more energised and balance you feel.

💖 Card 3 Past-Life Issue 💖

This situation has a basis in one of your previous lifetimes. Ask your angels to help you remember, release, learn and heal from your past experiences.
You drew this card because experiences and emotions from one of your previous lifetimes are influencing the situation you’re inquiring about. You have well earned wisdom from the past life; allow it to guide you in your present situation by trusting your gut feelings and hunches. Those intuitive impulses result from the knowledge you’ve gained in an earlier life – trust it!

People from your past life are making themselves known to you in this lifetime. They include a soulmate and family members, all with whom you share karmic ties. In the past these relationships may have been painful but now is your opportunity to balance that karma and break the reincarnation cycle if you choose.

Action steps:

Archangel Raziel (Pronounced Roz-ee-el, which means the “secrets of God”) is the angel who helps you understand, assimilate and heal your past life memories. Go to a quiet place and say (aloud or silently):
“Archangel Raziel, I call upon you now. Please help me understand (describe your situation) By guiding and healing me through my past experiences and relationships. I ask that you help me balance all, with everyone involved in this situation in all directions of time.Raziel, Please help me uncover heal and release any old buried pain now and forever thank you.”
Your body may shudder as you say this indicating that you’ve successfully releasing old pent-up pain. If you have memory snippets of past lifetimes please write them down for further exploration with a past life regression therapist or by listening to a guided meditation.


I hope you embrace these messages that were meant for you please reach out if you need help to release any past lives, emotional or karmic situations. A list of my services can be found at

💖 Alyssia XXX

Cards were selected from “Angel Therapy Oracle Cards” By Doreen Virtue

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