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πŸ’– Card 1 You Are Safe πŸ’–

When you see this card, it means you are completely protected in this situation. Although you may feel vulnerable the angels want you to know that allowing yourself to be come preoccupied with your fears only reinforces them. Your body also may be holding onto other people’s energy. Be sure to ask the angels for help to release others energy that you have absorbed.

πŸ’œ Don’t despair you truly are supported and safe. Let go of any fear about how things will turn out and trust all that is for you is coming to you and all that fades is keeping you safe. When we hold onto the vibration of fear we unwillingly lower our overall vibration. Fear vibrates at one of the lowest vibrations and is often held within our root chakra. It can affect how grounded and connected to the earth we become. πŸ’œ Alyssia

πŸ’– Card 2 Friendships πŸ’–

The answer to your question involves your friendships. This card is showing you just how much other people’s energy is affecting you. Or it could be guiding you to open yourself up and allow others in. Friendship is a regular exchange of energy and emotion. Take some time to consider how the energy of friendship (or lack thereof) is influencing your thoughts and your opinion about yourself. It’s important that you maintain awareness of how each person in your life makes you feel inside.

πŸ’œ Those we hold close and have a special bond with often radiate a similar vibration as us. Surrounding yourself with these friendships helps you to move forward in a healthy direction focusing on the future. Take some time to connect with those special people this weekend. πŸ’œ Alyssia

πŸ’– Card 3 Believe In Yourself πŸ’–

When you receive this card the angels want you to see yourself and your potential the way they do. The view you as an unlimited person with infinite potential. Right now the most important thing you can do is realise this for yourself. Ask the angels to release any doubts or fear you have about your life and your path. By believing in yourself, your telling the angels that you wish to live up to your full potential in this life, and they will take immediate action to guide you accordingly.

πŸ’œ You do not need to hold on for dear life! You are strong, connected, enthusiastic, supported, kind and caring. Speak up, step up, trust in yourself! You are more than ready! You are strong! TRUST! πŸ’œ Alyssia

I hope you embrace these messages that are meant for you. Please see my list if services at if you would like a specific question answered πŸ’– have a wonderful weekend Alyssia

Cards were channelled with πŸ’– from β€œIndigo Angel Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue

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