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Fairy Tarot Guidance Messages

Fairy Tarot Guidance Messages

Card 1 – Ten of Winter

It’s time to walk (or run!) away. This situation no longer serves you and is merely holding you back. Sometimes endings are sad, and sometimes there a relief. Change can be stressful and intimidating, but trust that it is a healthy and necessary one. Drawing this card means that you have probably known for some time that you need to move on, but you’ve been unable or unwillingness to cut ties. Let go and set off on a journey towards a happier tomorrow! Set new goals for yourself. Make this a fresh beginning! Focus on the future, Not the past. A fairy is leaving the challenging land of winter for a warmer destination. Soon her troubles will be over.

Additional meanings of this card:

The resolution of difficulties.

The end of an addiction.

A weight lifted off your shoulders.

An emotional overreaction.

Card 2 – Four of Autumn

Comparing yourself to others can create confusion. You may not be seeing things as they truly are. You might feel as though you don’t have enough, when really you’re more blessed than you realise. Remember to give to those in need. Donating to the less fortunate and creates a circle whereby you can also receive. What you give comes back to you!

Manage your resources wisely. Are you spending to freely? Or are you holding onto each dollar so tightly that there’s no joy in it for you? Money is a tool that should be used in ways that bring enjoyment but also create long-term security. If you’re being miserly with your abundance, the law of attraction can be blocked. You deserve to have all the material pleasures of life! Keep in mind that this card can refer to things other than finances. In fact, it can apply to any aspect of your life where you’re giving too much or not enough.

A fairy of abundant gifts looks into a mirror that sees only lack. Her viewpoint of her own situation is skewed by her fear.

Additional meanings of this card:

Working very hard for your money.

Being too controlling.

Fear around losing your prosperity.

Financial stability.

Excessive debt.

Card 3 – The Empress

The planning phase of your endeavour is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you were trying to accomplish and what do you need in order to be a success. Now it’s time to get busy! No more contemplating the perfect strategy. If there’s a detail that seems to be missing from your plans, It will reveal itself as you move forward. So fix your eyes on the horizon and get going! Creative endeavours are a specially favoured right now. Taking up a new project that you consider to be your “baby”. Whenever possible, Try to add an artistic flair to each step along the way. Infuse your tasks, Great and small with joy and the knowledge that nothing can hold you back! Our Empress stands in the chapel courtyard, symbolic of the Source of inspiration. The infant wearing a hat inside the snow pea shell demonstrate to the Empress the importance of creating something new. This may be the birth of a child or the beginning of an exciting new endeavour!

Additional meanings of this card:

Hard work that pays off.


Successful endeavours.

A love of luxuries things.

Getting a lot done.

Nurturing others or yourself.

Mother figures.

Pregnancy and birth.

I hope you embraced the messages that were meant for you, sending you lots of love.

Love Alyssia XXX

Reiki Level One -Adelaide Sunday 17th July, 2022 9.00am – 5.30pm

Reiki Level One -Adelaide Sunday 17th July, 2022 9.00am – 5.30pm

Are you wanting to deepen your connection with yourself, raise your vibration and learn how to heal within?

Level one Reiki is an amazing place to begin your healing / spiritual journey.

Reiki is an ancient hands on healing modality that can assist you in all areas of your life, spiritually, physically and emotionally. It will deepen your connection to “Source” “Spirit” and can enhance your intuitive abilities.

Within my Reiki course you will learn about;

The history of Usui Reiki
Spiritual principals of Reiki
About your Chakra systems
How to use a pendulum
How to protect your energy (great for empaths)
How to detach from energy
How to heal yourself with Reiki
Demonstration & practice giving Reiki and receiving Reiki.

You will receive:

A healing before the course
74 Page level one training manual
Level one attunments
Framed Level One certificate with Reiki linage
Access into a private Indigo Reiki student support group where you can connect with like minded souls and receive ongoing support with your Reiki training and first access to Reiki share events hosted by Indigo Reiki.

Cost: $277 ($77 deposit is required to secure your place)

Please note I will not hold a place without a deposit

Places are limited to ensure each student is given adequate time to practice and learn.

BYO lunch, snacks, herbal tea and water will be provided.

This Reiki course will be held in the beautiful space at SA Wellness Centre, O’Halloran Hill.

Please contact me if you wish to secure your place.

Love & Light

Alyssia Brook

Reiki Master Teacher / Seichim Master Teacher, Karuna Practitioner

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