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Full Moon Crystal Cleansing

Full Moon Crystal Cleansing

Crystals absorb energy, just as we do. It’s important to energetically cleanse and re-tune their frequency to maintain their effectiveness. The full moon is perfect as it is the brightest and most powerful (the night before and after the full moon are just as effective too).
Crystals are best charged by laying them on the earth just after sundown. You can smudge them with sage first if you wish also. If it’s going to rain make sure you keep your water sensitive crystals inside (see below). Leave them out overnight to recharge them and bring them in in the morning. Alternatively you can leave them on a window sill to expose them to the moon light. If it’s cloudy this will not effect the moons energy and the crystals will still be cleansed. Make sure you include your crystal jewelry in the cleanse too.

Water sensitive crystals

Azurite, Halite, Selenite – water soluble.
Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Turquoise – porous, do not soak, dry after cleansing.
Malachite – cool water only

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