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Cleansing and Charging your Crystals

Cleansing and Charging your Crystals

Crystals are alive and carry electromagnetic frequencies. They function by absorbing energy from their external surroundings into their internal structures where imbalances are corrected. Just as it’s important to service our car or recharge our batteries on our phones, in order for them to function correctly it is just as important to energetically cleanse and recharge our crystals. Crystals can only hold so much negative charge before they become overloaded and reduce their effectiveness. This can result in splitting, cracking or transferring imbalances into our aura.

It is also important to not let dust collect on them as it prohibits them from working correctly or can cause them to split or break. If you have a crystal that splits or breaks you should bury it in the Earth.

Ways to cleanse


Sea water is most effective but tap water will do! Hold your crystals under the running water and say ” I transmute all negativity into light.” Make sure you dry your crystals off completely but avoid doing this with Azurite, Halite and Selenite as they are water sensitive. Also, Malachite can only tolerate cool water. If you do happen to head to the sea, pop your crystals into a mesh bag or hold them carefully in the water and allow the energy from the incoming waves to bring the clean energy with it and each time the waves go out, they take the old energy away.


Crystal love moonlight! On a full moon (preferably) once the sun has gone down, lay your crystals on the Earth and leave them out overnight to recharge. Again, be careful of your water sensitive crystals. You can place the water sensitive crystals on your window sill if you like. It is great if you are able to smudge them with sage or purify them with sound first but this is not essential.


Leave your crystals in then sunlight for a few hours to absorb healing rays from the sun.


You can purify your crystals with sound from music, bells or a singing bowl.

Amethyst Cluster Bed

Place stones overnight on the Amethyst. Be sure to recharge this cluster bed from time to time also.


Smudge your crystals with dried sage to clear them. Allow the smoke to fully cover each surface until you feel they are clear.

Brown Rice

I have not tried this one, but laying your crystals or covering them with brown rice for 24 hours can recharge them also.


For those of you attuned to Reiki CKR, SHK, HSZSN, DKM to clear, cleanse and program your Crystals.

If you are using crystals for healing clients, it’s essential that they are cleansed between clients. It is also best to keep your personal crystals and healing crystals separate.

Happy cleansing!

Image by Leon May from Pixabay

The Stone of Protection

The Stone of Protection

Black Tourmaline is electrical in nature and provides a connection between the Earth and base chakra (which is the energy centre that connects you to the Earth). This is why it is great to use for grounding and protecting your energy field. It will create an equivalent of an electrical force field around your aura so lower vibrations will bounce straight off you.

You can use this stone to purify and neutralize your own thoughts and internal conflict, it will even transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. You can also use this to help protect yourself against electromagnetic smog from mobile phones and computers etc. Although I would highly recommend looking into Shungite stone if you are looking for the best protection against EMF.

Black Tourmaline promote detoxification, relieve stress and anxiety, increases alertness and protects you from stressful and negative environments. It really works on all areas physically, emotionally and mentally.

I use it regularly to help ground and protect myself, clients and sensitive kids from any lower harmful energies. They can put in in their pocket or carry it in their school bag. I even place it in their pillow slip if need be.

This stone is also great for protecting a space by placing a stone in each corner of the room creating a crystal grid of protection.

Be sure to regularly cleanse your crystals.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

” The Wisdom Keeper “

There is so much more to this stone then being semi-precious material in Minecraft …

Cleopatra even ground Lapis Lazuli into powder to create her famous dark blue eye shadow …

This magical stone can help ease depression and anxiety because it harmonizes all aspects of self. It draws tension and anxiety to the surface and can help relieve your migraines. It is primarily used for the throat and third eye chakra’s. When you meditate with Lapis Luzuli it will help you to expand your mind and achieve spiritual clarity and guidance.

I just love this beautiful Indigo stone 💜

The Success Stone

The Success Stone


Such a fabulous stone. It helps to balance the solar plexus chakra which relates to your digestive system, perception, wisdom and is your personal power centre. The Solar plexus is your energy centre that you create your abundance from, so its a pretty importance centre to have balanced.

Citrine helps to remove negative energies and vibes that have accumulated within your energy field. It will not hold the negative energy but rather transforms it into positive energy.

This stone is commonly used to attract abundance by placing in your furthest left corner of your home, carry it in your wallet, purse or place it in your cash box!

What’s not to love?

Always regularly cleanse your crystals.

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